Learn Portrait Photography - In A Weekend!

Courses like this easily sell for $200+ online, but I wanted to make one everyone could afford.

Struggling with any of these problems with your portraiture?

  • Photos are never quite tack-sharp
  • ​​Camera settings confuse you. Manual mode? Forget it!
  • ​That background just won’t go blurry, no matter what you try
  • ​​Photos just come out looking plain boring
  • ​​Posing and directing people is hard!
  • ​​You don’t know how to take amazing photos in any location
  • ​​You don’t understand natural light and how to use it to your advantage…
But what if there was another way?
A step-by-step blueprint that teaches you how to create photos you’re proud of.

Here is what you’ll learn along the way:
  • Exactly how to master your camera settings, and take the guesswork out
  • ​​How to shape natural light to make your subject pop out the photo
  • ​​How to be confident when posing people
  • How to create photographs that will wow your friends and family
  • ​​How to always be ready with your camera, so you’ll never miss that perfect portrait
Yours For Only $47
Yep... for less than the cost of a meal out, you can get access to the framework that took me years to figure out.

YES PAUL! Give Me Instant Access To The Portrait Blueprint RIGHT NOW For Just $47!
I'll be honest, this took me years of work to figure out...
It took me a lot of work to learn how to make incredible portraits by myself.

I’ve been working as a professional Timelapse photographer since 2013, working for many major clients from Amazon to the BBC.

Sure, I knew the technical side of how to use a camera, but I had NO IDEA how to capture a portrait.

My friend asked me to capture him a new headshot for LinkedIn.... and this was the result...

From This
AWFUL, right?

I started to go out and learn, a LOT. I tried things out, played around with light, watched courses... (over 42 in fact)!

(You could say I became a little obsessed with portraiture...)

I took my friends photo again.. and this was the result:
To this
Same photographer, same gear.

All that practice made me realise something...

Taking amazing photos is just a series of steps. Like following a recipe in a cookbook, if you follow every step right the food turns out amazing.

Following the latest “trend” wont work, there’s a reason why some photographers have been making amazing photos for decades, whilst others disappear after 6 months.

I  decided to take everything I learned about photography since 2013, and break it down into easy to follow steps. A cookbook for the photographer…

Introducing... The Portrait Blueprint
A step-by-step system to take you from frustrated, to capturing amazing portrait photography.

Learn the exact system you need to take your photos from bland, to beautiful.

When you join, you get access to everything you need to know. A system for capturing amazing portraits in every location, and with any camera…

You get access to a 8 module online course, split into 78 bite sized lessons. In total, there's over 4 hours of content. You can access the course 24/7 through mobile phones or computers.

Whether its taking photos of your friends and family, or creating candid portraits of strangers... the system will work.
Unique S.A.L.E Method
During the course, I'll teach you my unique S.A.L.E method.

It's a step by step system for creating beautiful portraits, no matter where you are.

It breaks down the entire photographic process into 4 easy steps, so you can quickly and confidently decide how to take your next picture.
Course Modules Include:
Module #1 - Master your camera
Learn the secrets behind mastering any camera
Confused about camera settings? Don't know your ISO from your aperture? This module will remove the mystery and teach you to master your camera.

You'll walk away confident, knowing you can use any camera and capture amazing photos.

Lessons include:
  • How cameras really work
  • ​What ISO, aperture, and shutter speed are
  • ​Creating a perfect exposure
  • ​Taking your camera out of auto mode
Module #2 - Tack Sharp Focus
How to nail focus every single time
Ever struggled with getting your photos tack sharp? Do you keep missing focus in your images?

This module shows you exactly how to setup your camera for success. No more missed moments.
  • What focus settings you need for SHARP portraits
  • ​How to make those beautiful blurry backgrounds
  • ​What the heck is DOF?
Module #3 - Perfect camera settings for portraits
Never miss that moment...
Every photographer knows your camera settings are VITAL for capturing the perfect images.

You'll learn the KEY settings that make a huge difference in your photography, and how to get it right every time.
  • Why aperture matters for portraits
  • ​What's the best camera mode?
  • ​White balance, drive mode, and more... digging deep into the hidden settings that matter the most
  • ​The BEST lens choice for portraiture - and why
Module #4 - The Art Behind Portraiture
Learn the skills behind taking amazing portraits
Capturing incredible photographs of people is more than just technical camera skills.

There are many hidden skills that most photographers won't reveal...

In this module the curtain gets pulled back, and I reveal the tricks of the trade.
  • How to build a connection with your subject
  • ​Tricks to relax your subject and make them EXCITED to have their photograph taken
Module #5 - Secrets of Posing
Creating those effortless poses that look natural
Posing people for the first time can be hard work. You might already be thinking about camera settings, light, connection.. and find it hard to think about posing too.

This module covers how to make posing effortless. Being able to direct people, yet keep things looking natural and effortless.
  • The art of directing people (and the #1 mistake you MUST avoid)
  • ​Making your poses look effortless and natural
  • ​How to never run out of poses again
Module #6 - Mastering light
Light... the secret behind every amazing image
Light plays a HUGE role in portraiture. It can take an image from being boring, to beautiful.

It's the #1 trick for making a portrait pop, but most photographers don't know how to use it right.

If you've ever struggled with knowing exactly how to natural light... this module is for you.

It covers exactly how to understand and use natural light for your portraits - no expensive gear or flashes needed!
  • Mastering different types of light
  • ​All the 'rules' of light, laid out in simple to understand terms
  • ​Why you can make beautiful light ANYWHERE
Module #7 - Behind the scenes shoot- Outdoors
Come behind the scenes and see how to shoot outdoors in natural light
Learn the process behind how I capture portraits. You'll see behind the scenes on a shoot with me (including how I created the image above).

Learn exactly how I look for light, how I choose subjects and backgrounds, and much more...
  • How to shoot in ANY light conditions, even that dreaded "midday sun"
  • ​How to create beautiful portraits in outdoors locations
  • ​The #1 cheap tool you need to shape the light (less than $10)
Module #8 - Behind the scenes shoot - Indoors
Learn to shape and craft light indoors
You'll learn exactly how to find flattering light indoors, and create portraits that wow.
  • How to improve your photographs by including less
  • ​The secrets behind photographing stunning portraits indoors
  • ​How to deal with tricky lighting situations
You also get these great bonuses:
Along with the online course, you also get access to a TON of extra bonuses. Including:
Extra videos (total value $47) covering:
  • ​In my bag - all the gear I own for portraiture, and why I have it
  • ​Creating PERFECT colours in your images
  • ​The #1 thing EVERY portait must have
  • ​How to find people to photograph anywhere
Downloadable and printable 'cheat sheets' (total value $97) covering:
  • ​Where to find people to photograph
  • ​Understanding the inverse square law
  • ​How aperture, shutter speed, and ISO all relate to each other
  • ​What the heck aperture, shutter speed, and ISO actually are
  • ​Understanding depth of field
  • ​Posing guidelines
  • ​Photographers to follow
  • ​Shot list checklist - so you never forget an interesting angle to capture
  • ​Perfect camera settings
  • ​​Gear packing checklist, so you never forget anything again
  • ​How to make tack-sharp photos
  • ​Understanding the different types of light
  • ​Ideas for different projects to shoot
  • ​Image dimensions for different social media platforms
  • ​​Recommended gear list, including things for less than $10
There Is NO CATCH!
You might think that this offer is too good to be true, and that there must be a catch.

The truth is - I've priced it low, so that once you get MASSIVE value from it, you'll want to buy my other courses in the future!

Special Introductory Price
This price is only available for a limited time, as a special introductory offer. After the first 50 people sign up to the course, I'll be putting the price up.
Here Is My "Love It Or Your Money Back" Guarantee
~I guarantee that you'll love the course, or I'll give you your money back within 30 days.

I'm taking the risk out of it for you - because I stand by my products.

I've seen how much of a difference it made in my own photography, and I want you to experience the same thing.

Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get today When You Order My Portrait Blueprint.
You Could Get The Script That Has Made Me More Money Than Anything Else I've Ever Done In This Business.
YES PAUL! Give Me Instant Access To The Portrait Blueprint RIGHT NOW For Just $47 !
  Instant Access To Portrait Blueprint Course  (Value $197)
  Bonus #2 - Bonus Videos  (Value $47)
  Bonus #3 - Portrait Photography Cheat Sheets  (Value $97)
Total Value: $341
Just $47
That covers just about everything! If you want to take beautiful with the gear you already own, then this course will show you exactly how to do it.. guaranteed!

Thanks again,
Paul Richardson
P.S. did you just skip to the bottom of the page to see what the offer was?

You get my Portrait Blueprint course that will teach you exactly how to create beautiful, natural light portraits. 8 modules of information, covering everything you need to know.
I have ……. Camera, is that OK?
Yes! You can learn to take photos with any camera. The blueprint works with any model or shape of camera.
Does this only work for portrait photographers?
It’s designed with portrait photographers in mind, but the system can be applied to different genres of photography. Its teaching you how to use your camera, which can be applied to many scenarios.
Do I need any fancy software to use the system?
Nope! The videos can be watched on your computer or mobile phone.
I have been taking photos for ages, will it still be useful?
Yep! If you feel like your photos just aren’t working out, then this is for you.
When do I get access?
Immediately after you sign up
Is it easy get a refund?
Yep! Just send me a quick email and I'll get it sorted.
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